Your Heart <3

Good Morning …

I was startled awake early by the dogs! You remember this, right? =)

Well after all the excitement I went and sat in the unseasonably warm early morning. The clouds hung low, like heaven meeting earth. They were aphotic, yet brightly outlined by the brilliant sunlit breaks. I was peaceful, even after the chaotic way I was awoken and the following joy of five little dachshunds on the porch in the light, almost balmy breeze.

I’m sure you know that I told Father God that I needed a mild, very mild winter season! And as you now know, more acutely than I, that God answers all prayer and requests! How amazing for me to realize that you are up there, with Him, experiencing all this personally. I envy you your proximity to Father. I truly, in a non-suicidal way, wish I was there with you.

I wish I was where your heart is. I heard a new song this morning. I know you’d like this band. I’ll post it here for the readers of this post …

Wherever is your heart I call home …

I heard her voice, sweet and raspy, the kind of singer we both enjoy. And then the words … they seemed to resonate from my heart, reaching desperately for yours. And the clouds and the sun … Heaven meeting earth … our hearts entwining again in the notes of the song and the warmth on the breeze and I felt you close.

I felt you close enough to touch. So I closed my eyes and experienced the moment with those funny tears that flow, only revealing themselves when they’ve touched my cheek.

I’ve known for a very long time that this earth is not my home. I think I knew it better than you did, maybe that’s why you chose to go first … after all how could you just visit home? I know you had to go.

So here I am on this strange spinning ball of blue longing to feel your heart beat with mine. To feel the warmth of your touch and see the sparkle in your eye when your sights fall on me.

Those lyrics … wherever is your heart I call home … It’s like she saw my heart in heaven and decided to sing about how I feel …

I miss you, my love. With all my heart.

To Eternity …

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